• ClassicHollywood

    Wow...that kind of sucked. Ok, before I rip this episode, I will say that the one good thing was Lobby. As always, it was adorable and I love the cheesy flirting between Lori and Bobby. Save for the ending, which I’ll get too later. With that said, everything else is a mess.

    First of all, Bobby is in the right, yet he’s supposed to be in the wrong. Judging how Ronnie Anne and the cousins were acting, I can see why he would be paranoid, because these kids were acting very immature, even if they were supposed to be running a business. What with organizing things incorrectly, making noise, not handling the customers correctly, and even eating the food, probably without paying for it! And yet Bobby is the one who needs to apologize?! But I thi…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Okay so with the show being halfway Season 1 or at least I'm assuming it's halfway through Season 1 because I kind of lose track of how many episodes are in a season of a show especially with the fact that there never really seems to be any form of sync between Nick airing the episodes of The Casagrandes on Saturdays and YTV airing the new episodes in Canada a day later and it always seems to be get behind the US airing whenever there's a hiatus since it seems to start up later than when it returned but there's a topic for another blog post. What do you think of The Casagrandes so far and what would you give it on a scale of 1-10, Personally I'd give it a 9 because there's just something more appealing to me about The Casagrandes.That isn't to say that I…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Familia Sounds

    January 16, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

    I must say that I'm really enjoying The Casagrandes Familia Sounds so far because it's always fun to listen to and just have on in the background but it's also interesting to know that Real World Technology exists in the world of The Loud House and The Casagrandes. I'm not sure if that makes any sense but it's just a good podcast. 

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  • Jedfarcry223

    What are some of the reasons that you like about The Casagrandes, Here's a small list of my reasons I like The Casagrandes

    The Animation

    I feel that The Casagrandes really takes advantage of the fact that it's an animated show and it seems like the animation is more fast paced whereas The Animation in The Loud House is more laidback and kind of resembles a comic book, I know that's a bit of an odd thing to say

    The Characters

    The characters in The Casagrandes are very likable and each have a different personality since it's understandable that people could have been worried when the spinoff was announced that it would have been a carbon copy of The Loud House and you could have had characters that are just characters from The Loud House but with diffe…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    The Casagrandes

    January 2, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

    Who's looking forward to the return of The Casagrandes on January 11th because I know I sure am but I'm slightly worried that since the show was on a brief hiatus that it could end up being a week or longer in Canada. Seriously I'll never understand why TV Shows can't be in sync with the states. I don't want to get into a rant but if I were to guess why then I'd probably blame Viacom though seeing how The Loud House is starting towards the end of the month, I'm half hoping that maybe they're just waiting for that to start back up then they'll start airing The Casagrandes again

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Happy New Year

    January 1, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

    Happy New Year and here's hoping to an awesome 2020

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  • Jedfarcry223


    December 29, 2019 by Jedfarcry223

    I find it a bit hard to get badges because I've stopped badge hunting yet it seems like when I'm getting really close to finally unlocking a badge the right way, my counter resets

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  • MickTaylorGuy

    We all love the classic 1986 film Stand By Me by Rob Reiner, based on Stephen King’s story.

    Since Family Guy did a spoof of it in 2009, i’ve always wondered what it would be like with characters from the Loud House universe.

    Lincoln would be Gordie LeChance.

    Clyde would be Chris Chambers.

    Ronnie Anne would be Teddy Duchamp.

    Sid would be Vern Tessio.

    As for all the other characters, well, you decide.

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  • Jedfarcry223

    If there was a Christmas Episode of The Casagrandes, What would you want it to be about?

    Personally I'd want to see an episode that is a musical episode where each member of the family is trying to find the perfect thing for everyone but they realize that the presents don't matter but what matters that they're all together during the Holiday Season

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  • MickTaylorGuy

    Hiya folks!

    Just for fun, i’ve got a few ideas for any future Casagrandes episodes!

    1. Ronnie Anne, Sid, Lincoln and Clyde form a barbershop quartet.

    2. Lynn comes to the city to see Ronnie Anne. But ends up bonding with the equally superstitious Rosa instead.

    3. Lori drops by to see Bobby, but soon the whole Casagrande family want her too.

    4. Ronnie Anne and Sid have a squabble and their siblings have to get them to make up.

    5. Bobby fears for his future with Lori.

    6. Rosa falls ill and the family doesn’t fare well without her cooking.

    7. Lincoln and one of his sisters come to play.

    8. Carl develops a friendship with Adelaide.

    9. Someone sabotages the Casagrandes’ plumbing so Lana Loud comes over to help.

    10. Arturo returns to the city to visit.

    11. …

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  • Jedfarcry223

    What are your favorite episodes of The Casagrandes so far. Mine are

    The Horror-Scope

    Two Of Clubs

    Vacation Daze


    Walk Don't Run

    New Haunts

    Arr In The Family

    Finder's Weeper

    Going Overboard

    Snack Pact

    I haven't disliked any of the episodes personally. 

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  • Raymondsze

    Main Page Redesign

    November 30, 2019 by Raymondsze

    I think that the main page needs a redesign, as it's very outdated, remaining unchanged since 2018, and it's 2019, and the show has premiered, and we know more details in terms of the characters and more.

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  • Tycio

    BDG ftw

    November 18, 2019 by Tycio

    The birthday girl who has her hat taken in Arrr in the Family is awesome. I love this little side-story more than the main plot.

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  • Fernny222

    I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but personally, I think that Maria and Arturo should move on from each other. Let me start off that I didn't like the idea of Ronnie Anne's dad still being alived since it ruined my headcanon of him being dead as it would have made a much more emtoional experience for the three Santiagos. Anyway, with some new episodes lately, I'm pretty sure that Maria and Arturo are 100% divorced and 0% separated since Vacation Daze had the former on brief dates with three guys picked by Carlota. Now, I believe that in the past Arturo and Maria got into a huge fight that lead him to leave the family and Royal Woods to live in Peru that also led to Ronnie Anne into becoming the bully she used to be in her home…

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  • Maplacher1012

    A teacher's trouble

    November 9, 2019 by Maplacher1012

    (At Fonnie Anne's new school, Ronnie Anne was depresed)

    Ronnie Anne: (To the viewers) If you're wondering why I'm unhappy, it's because of my evil teacher, Ms. Pimplethorn, was always making fun of me for either asking for help or if I get a low score. (Flashback) I'll give you a vivid example, once, I asked her a question during math class. After that, she said....

    Ms. Pimplethorn: Oh, wow, Ronnie Anne doesn't get it, again. Okay, let's go extra slow for Ronnie Anne. One plus one equals two. You understand now, Ronnie Anne, or do you want to keep being a ti e waster?

    (End of flashback)

    Ronnie Anne: I don't understand why she hates me. I mean, I never disturbed her class. (Sighs)

    (9 hours later, Ronnie Anne goes to carlina  who is putting make …

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  • I'm calling the police

    oh dios mio

    November 5, 2019 by I'm calling the police

    the casagrandes is a show we really needed

    we needed a kid friendly cleveland show

    or mexican loud house 

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Ronnie Anne

    November 1, 2019 by Jedfarcry223

    Now I've had a bit of a theory with regards to the relationship between Lincoln Loud and Ronnie Anne, I feel like the reason that she was bullying him was probably because she started to have feelings for Lincoln however she was scared to let Lincoln know that and as a result she tried to keep being mean to him in order to make sure that she doesn't let her guard down and reveal her feelings about Ronnie Anne since she might not want to let Lincoln know if it turns out that Lincoln doesn't feel the same way about her then she'd feel hurt knowing that she revealed her feelings to Lincoln and he didn't feel the same however I feel that most likely that Ronnie Anne telling Lincoln that would catch him offguard but he'd tell her that he feels the same w…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Why I love Sid

    October 30, 2019 by Jedfarcry223

    Sid Chang is one of my favorite new characters on The Casagrandes and she was one of my favorite characters in The Casagrandes Arc on The Loud House since she comes off as a very lovable character and seems like the perfect friend for Ronnie Anne because they get along great and I'd say that Sid gets some of the best lines in the show plus I always tend to like characters who are quirky and oddballs and Sid definitely checks off these two traits perfectly and I'd say that about Ronnie Anne as well. I really like that she has a good attitude and cares about Ronnie Anne a lot. She seems like someone that will always be there for Ronnie Anne and I'm assuming that this show will eventually go into the same territory like The Loud House of tugging at the viewer'…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Okay I know that this is a bit of a weird type of blog to do since The Casagrandes has just started but I'm fairly confident in saying that I can see Croaked ranking as one of the best episodes of the season since it's such a fun episode that talks about The Day of The Dead and I thought it was incredibly sweet that Ronnie Anne and Sid tried to help Adelaide understand The Day of The Dead but it kept backfiring for them. It shows that they really care about her and wanted to tell her about what The Day of The Dead since it's one of those traditions that i don't know a lot about but I love seeing an animated show talking about it. Plus maybe it's just me but did anyone draw similarities to the Pixar Movie Coco?

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  • TheAwesomeGamerDude

    Hey everybody, AwesomeGamer here, and today is my Birthday today. 18 for me now.

    I hope you guys wish me a Happy Birthday on my Special Day, like I would to all of you on your Special days.

    Happy Birthday to me!!!

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  • TheEyeOfAllEyes

    Hey There Everybody

    October 27, 2019 by TheEyeOfAllEyes

    It is Eye, TheEyeOfAllEyes here, but of course, most of you already know who I am since we're also from the Loud House Wiki. I'll be finding myself to be semi-active here on The Casagrandes Wiki, which means I'll be around here very less often than I would at The Loud House Wiki.

    So far the first four episodes of The Casagrandes have been a range between "Good" and "Amazing", and I have to say this show has made a tremendous start. With all that said, I await to see all the rest of the first season of what will most likely be the only spinoff series to be my favorite spinoff series.

    Ray out.

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Croaked Review

    October 26, 2019 by Jedfarcry223

    I was really impressed to see that Nickelodeon was doing a 24 Hour Stream of this episode on October 21st but the only problem I had was that I'd keep coming onto the stream when the episode was halfway through so I was very happy when I went onto it at 6:10pm to see that the intro was just starting. Now The Day of The Dead is something that I don't know a whole lot about because the only time I've seen media relating to the The Day of The Dead is the movies Coco, The Book of Life and the opening sequence in Spectre as well as the adventure game Grim Fandango so I was really intrigued when I found out that The Casagrandes was going to be talking about The Day of The Dead and I can certainly say that this episode did not disappoint because it keeps showing th…

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  • Jedfarcry223

    Since I'm new to this wika, I decided that I'd give my thoughts on The Loud House spinoff The Casagrandes. The Casagrandes is a show that I was genuinely looking forward to when I heard it was announced because whenever they have shown Ronnie Anne's family in the show, I felt like there was something more that could possibly be done with this, Now I wouldn't have necessarily said I see a potential Spin Off in the future but I wouldn't have been surprised if it would eventually happen that there'd be a few episodes of The Loud House that were focused on Ronnie Anne's family so when the spinoff was announced with the working title Los Casagrandes, I was looking forward to it but I also felt that there's a possible chance that some could view as trying to …

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  • ThatWikiUser

    The Casagrandes Wiki

    October 16, 2019 by ThatWikiUser

    Well, now that the Casagrandes has officially premiered, I'm joining the Casagrandes wiki.

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  • AlexKawa

    Hi everyone. So, this is something I posted on The Loud House Wiki awhile back, but it's an open question related to The Casagrandes, so I figured I'd put it up on here, too. We know that the Casagrandes live in a different state than the Louds, but which state is it? I’m here to answer that question. So, without further ado, let’s do it.

    First of all, we know the Casagrandes live in Great Lakes City, so the state must be a Great Lakes state. This rules out every state except:

    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Minnesota
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Wisconsin

    While Michigan would be listed here, like I said, the Casagrandes and the Louds live in different states, so it’s obviously out.

    The next clue is that the two families live three hours apart. So, I went ahead and …

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  • TheAwesomeGamerDude

    That's right guys, I though about it for some time, and now, I'm actually helping out not only in The Loud House Encyclopedia, but also here, Los Casagrandes Wiki. 

    I can't wait to explore more of here and see all of you guys here. And I have to say, I enjoy watching The Casagrandes Story Arc. There were like a lot of memorable, cool, and hilarious episodes that we have seen, and I hope that there will be more Casagrandes Episodes in the future. Because one thing for sure, I enjoy watching the Los Casagrandes' family life, with city exploring and new friends being made here.

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  • 1 loud house fan

    📱: beep beep time to wake up 

    and play with your friends

    Ronne: let’s start the day 

    went in the bathroom 

    ronne: time get some  cleaness in 5 min 

    📱: time up 

    ronne: dang it 

    ronne: gah I’m all mess up 

    clean up super fast 

    bobby: morning ronne anne

    ronne: morning bobby

    ronne: time to start the day 

    ronne: hey sid

    sid: hey ronne let’s wait for Alex 

    ronne: I wolner how he wake up 

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  • 1 loud house fan

    ⌚️: good morning Me: all right time to start the Me: hmmm Which One oh this one Me: got some 🍞 OJ om mo nom Me: time to start this day Sid: hey Alex what up ready to go somewhere Me: yes the skate park Ronne: good idea All: got our skateboard ready

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Shop war 2

    June 14, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    Jenny: you again 

    me: yes and give us that CD 

    jenny: never

    all: grrrrrr    ATTACK!!!!!

    all: raa 

    jenny: RUN FOR IT!

    sid: Firework

    Jenny: haha 

    ronne: oh snap


    jenny: hahahahah take that

    sid: oh no she almost there

    me: not for long smoke bomb 


    jenny: ahhh wait where did it go

    Me: haha we got it YES!!!

    jenny slow  motion:nooooooooooooo

    All: yes!!!

    beep shop guy:it all your 

    ronne: we did 

    me: wo haha in you face jenny hahahahah 

    jenny: grrrr af the loud house game come out I will get it 

    Me:👅 no you won’t 

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  • 1 loud house fan

    The SHop wars

    June 13, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    It all happens when the 3 watch TV

    📺: it from the loud house a new CD called get it started luan and ronne

    all: WHOA! 

    Me: we got buy it 

    sid: let’s go 

    ronne: come on 

    run to the door

    sid: come on Alex 

    me: I’m getting my money there

    all: Yahoo! 

    Ronne: now where is it 

    me: maybe in technology Aran 

    sid: there it is the last one 

    all: huh 

    ???: hello this CD is mine 

    me: no it not wait Jenny!

    jenny: yes it me I’m taking it bye now 

    sid: we have to get it

    me: this a war good thing I bring my toy sword 

    both: me too


    jenny: huh

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  • 1 loud house fan

    The big 😱

    June 10, 2019 by 1 loud house fan

    💻Lincoln: so how did you too met him

    ronne: well we were hearing home

    sid: then we saw him going to fast

    me: and then boom we met 

    💻Lincoln: ok I tell my sister to know about him

    ronne: ok bye

    💻Lincoln: bye

    💻: called ended 

    me: ok let’s watch the. 

    Ronne: sure why not 

    📺: breaking news there was a kid who went too fast and bump on someone herd here a video of it Ahhhhhhhh BUMP!


    sid: it ok what bad that can happen 

    ding dong

    me: woler who that can be

    ronne: maybe Lincoln and Lori 

    👤: omg it that guy who

    close door

    sid: who was that 

    me: it a guy who said it me for bumping you head

    both: WHAT?!

    ronne: this is bad

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Ronne: all right we almost there 

    me: this is the best day 

    open door 

    Bobby: hey ronne hey did whoa who r you 

    me: I’m name is Alex you name is bobby 

    bobby: wow you know my name 

    sid: all right some hot dog here one for you and you 

    me: ew

    sid: ew? How 

    me: my doctor says you can’t eat those food lists beware 

    ronne: so what happens af you do it 

    me: i could die

    both: DIE! 

    Sid: whoa never heard that 

    went in ronne room

    💻: incomeing call: Lincoln 

    ronne: hang on

    💻: loging in

    💻Lincoln: hey ronne hey sid 

    ronne: hey Lincoln 

    💻Lincoln: who that

    Ronne: oh this alex

    me: hi

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  • 1 loud house fan

    It all happens when ronne and Sid walking to home

    sid: that  enough for today 

    ronne: yeah let go home 


    TSR: come on Alex 

    me: ok I’m trying 

    me: ahhhhhhhhhhh IM GOING TOO FAST!!!!!

    sid: *belly  Growng* oh man I’m  hungry 

    ronne: well my  graw makes a lot food 

    me: AHHhhhHhH 

    BUMP! To Sid head 

    both: ow!

    me: uh 💫

    sid: who r you

    me: I’m Alex what you wait a second I know you 

    sid: you do 

    ronne: huh

    me: you Sid and you r ronne Annie OMG! 🤩  It been my dream meeting you guys I been a big fan of you show 

    both: show?

    me: so you r guys doing 

    ronne: we were going home 

    me: CAN I COME!!!!! Ronne: sure why not Sid: you can be our friend too Me: all right To be continued tomorrow

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  • Pokefan700

    about the spinoff

    June 2, 2019 by Pokefan700

    this spinoff has potential, but i have a feeling that it will be a let down. i also have a feeling that it'll get less views and low ratings.

    im excited for this spinoff, but im also scared for it. help ;n;

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  • 1 loud house fan

    What should be 🥇 to Nickelodeon do make 

    1 los casagrabdes 

    2 worry mom

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  • 1 loud house fan

    Wow it like the loud house wiki but it all ronne Annie Bobby 

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  • Margretteloud


    March 7, 2019 by Margretteloud

    So you're trying to tell me

    There's a wiki

    For characters IN the loud house????

    The spin off is a maybe, yalls

    I'm very confusion

    Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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  • Francy07

    Diem Jaun

    February 14, 2019 by Francy07

    She is ronnie anne's Best Friend.

    She is loosely based on diem doan. She looks like diem doan. She has the same black hairstyle as diem doan. She wears a red shirt,dark green bow,blue jeans most of time and navy shoes. At school, she wears a school uniform. In her nightwear, she wears a dark red shirt(with a red rose) and short pants. In her swimwear, she wears a red bikini top swimsuit.

    COMING SOON.....

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  • Francy07

    7.Stick! Froop! Macho!: Ronnie Anne Would be in the wrestling team. 8.Carl's Love: A 6 Years old girl named Max had a secret crush on carl. Carl doesn't like max. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.


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  • Francy07

    The Casagrande Theme Song

    February 11, 2019 by Francy07

    🎵I am Ronnie Anne Santiago🎵

    🎵This is It My Big new Town'o🎵

    🎵I am a tomboy and not just a gruff bully🎵

    🎵And This it my large family🎵

    🎵I don't have a crush (on Lincoln Loud)🎵

    🎵New Friends and a robot friend  (Riggirry Roud)🎵

    🎵and This my new school (Que Hermosa Escuela,Que Hermosa Escuela!)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes,Grandes, Grandes🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes  (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes🎵

    The Theme Song's Music and Singing resembles make me feel.

    This theme song is sung by ronnie anne.

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  • Francy07

    • Ronnie Anne Santiago: she's the main protagonist of the series. she loves making adventures in the city.
    • Bobby Santiago: he's the deuteragonist of the series. he's ronnie anne's older brother. he likes lori.
    • Maria Santiago: she's Bobby and Ronnie Anne's Mother. she is also a nurse. she is 41 years old.
    • Rosa Casagrande: she's Bobby,Ronnie Anne and their cousins(carlota,c.j,carl and carlitos)' grandmother. she loves cooking.
    • Hector Casagrande: he's dimwitted husband. he likes to owning his market and playing guitar.
    • Carlos Casagrande: he's maria's older brother.  he is also a teacher. he is 47 years old. he is carlota,c.j,carl and carlitos's father.
    • Frida Casagrande: she's carlos's wife. she loves making photos.
    • Carlota Casagrande: she's carlos and…

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  • 8AnimeChampMaster

    With season 4 of the loud house coming around the corner with six episodes featuring The CasasGrandes, here are my top 10 predictions for episodes featuring Ronnie Anne, Bobby and the rest of the family.

    10. An episode where Ronnie Anne and Bobby discovered that their mom is dating and couldn't believe who he is.

    9. A flashback story of how Rosa and Hector met.

    8. Carl meet with a new girl who develop feelings for him, despite that he feelings for Lori.

    7. Lalo and Sergio travel the city alone when they are locked out by accident.

    6. Bobby encountered three new friends who, seems cool at first but they are bad dude.

    5. Carlitos began to say his first word.

    4. One of Frida's painting has been ruined, So Ronnie Anne and CJ try to investigate who r…

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  • L Fray the lovely fanlady

    Hey everybody I just wanted to make a wishlist of what I want to see in Los Casagrandes!

    Here is what I want to see in Los Casagrandes:

    Bobby and Ronnie Anne bond

    More of Carlota's sisterly love towards Ronnie Anne

    Bobby and the Casagrandes to get more character development

    More drama out of the main characters

    Development out of Ronnie Anne and Lincoln's relationship

    Hector to sing more songs

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  • MaverickGuy720

    What do you think? Will it go as far like the Loud House? or Fail? Leave your comment down below.

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  • Matthew93256

    Since the show is official, what are your expectations for the show?

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  • MaverickGuy720

    Who would you love to see from the Loud House to the Los Casagrandes? Comment down below.

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  • Tctrain2

    Here are the Season 1 episodes for my Casagrande version of The Loud House also known as The Casagrande House. Left in the Dark/Get the MessageHeavy Meddle/Making the CaseDriving Miss Hazy/No Guts, No HectorThe Sweet Spot/A Tale of Two TablesProject Casagrande House/In Tents DebateSound of Silence/Space InvaderPicture Perfect/Undie PressureRonnie or Swim/Changing the BabyOvernight Success/Ties That BindHand Me Downer/Sleuth or ConsequencesButterfly Effect/The Green HouseAlong Came a Cousin/Chore and PeaceFor Mexcians About to Rock/It's a Casagrande, Casagrande, Casagrande, Casagrande HouseToads and Tiaras/Two Girls and a BabyCover Casagrandes/Save the DateAttention Deficit/Out on a LimoHouse Music/A Novel IdeaApril Fools Rules/Cereal Offen…

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  • Jokeman20

    Casagrande information

    August 15, 2018 by Jokeman20

    This is Jokeman here. Sooner or later the Casagrande Family will appear again in their own show. What do you like about them and their personalities?

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  • Dragonzako

    My least favorite Casagrande would be Carlinos since he’s just a younger Clyde with the same annoying joke of having a crush on Lori and being a jerk to Bobby. Basically he’s mini Clyde.

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  • Harburton81

    Hey, guys. HB81 here with a blog post. Los Casagrandes is coming up in the near future, and I wanna know who's your favorite Casagrande?

    Mine fav. is Hector.

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