Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis "Bobby" Santiago, Jr. is a main character in The Casagrandes and a supporting character of The Loud House.


Bobby is Lori's boyfriend, Ronnie Anne's older brother and Maria's oldest child. He has many jobs, such as pizza delivery boy, a pool lifeguard, a mall security guard, and a grocery clerk. Since moving to his extended family, he works at his grandfather's bodega.


Generally, Bobby has a relaxed and carefree attitude. He is an easy-going, kind, laid back, and wise person who likes to have fun and hang out with his friends. However, he can be altered or feel a bit depressed when Lori doesn't message or call him, or if something bad has occurred to her or his baby sister, both of whom he deeply cares for and is very protective of. Otherwise, he'd never be able to forgive himself.

In addition, Bobby is a very compassionate, understanding and forgiving person.

His naive and absent-minded nature can, however, cause some turmoil and conflict.

Although generally dimwitted, Bobby can show signs of cleverness. He's shown to have good business smarts for his age, as seen in The Loud House episode "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", in which he helped his grandfather run the bodega, and helped him arrange the store in a method to get more sales. He's also shown to be very thoughtful, and when he puts his mind to things, he can come up with complicated plans, like when he thought of a nice way to make his and Lori's relationship work, even after he moved in with his big city cousins.

Nick Description

Bobby is Lori's super cool boyfriend and a man of many jobs. When he's not a pizza delivery boy, pool lifeguard, mall security guard, or grocery stock boy, he can be found texting Lori. Bobby may be dense, but he sure is smooth!


Bobby is as tall as Lori. He has tan skin, and black hair, with a tuft combed upwards. He wears blue jeans, brown shoes with multiple white stripes, a black belt with a gold buckle, and a cream-colored T-shirt under a green unbuttoned shirt.

Bobby's original design was quite different from its current design. In this one, he has a more urban outfit, including a bonnet covering his eyes and headset. He was also going to have freckles on his cheeks and more scruffy hair.


Season 1


  • Bobby's ideal superpower is telepathy, so he could always know what Lori's thinking.
  • It is revealed in The Loud House episode "Missed Connection" that Bobby suffers from claustrophobia.
  • Both Santiago siblings have first names that start with an R and middle names that start with an A.
  • Lori, his girlfriend, has a pet name for Bobby which is "Bobby Boo Boo Bear", possibly resembling Boo Boo's name from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Yogi Bear.
  • Dub facts:
    • Bobby's first name Roberto is named after his American voice actor's middle name.
    • His Polish full name is Robert Aleksander Ludwig Maliniak. His nickname is "Robuś" instead of "Bobby".
    • Bobby's Russian dubber, Radik Mukhametzyanov, also voices Lynn Sr. The same happens in the Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, and Malay dubs.


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