Carlos Jr. "CJ" Casagrande is a main character in The Casagrandes.


CJ is the oldest son, and the second oldest child of the Casagrande siblings. He also has Down syndrome.


Carlos Jr. is a portly Latin-American teenage boy with black scruffy hair. He wears a yellow shirt, a black bow tie with red outlines, dark blue shorts, white socks and blue shoes with green laces.


Carlos Jr. has Down Syndrome and this can easily be spotted by his child-like actions, while in his teen years. He loves to play children's games like pirates and superheroes, and he can easily befriend any person, like Lincoln.

Carlos Jr. is also surprisingly perceptive. Many times, he notices things before other members of his family. For instance, when the Santiagos were visiting, or when Lincoln and Lori come to visit the Casagrandes, CJ is the first to notice that they have arrived, as the other members of his family are all distracted with their own tasks. On another occasion, when the family notices Ronnie Anne is standing in the middle of the sidewalk, CJ is the first to realize the danger that an air conditioning unit might fall on her. He is also the first one to notice that he has been sprayed with pickle juice in Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes.


Pre-The Casagrandes

Season 1


  • He is the first character in the show to have Down syndrome and is also the first character of the series to have a disability.
  • Just like Lynn and Bobby, he is another character who has "Jr." in their name.
  • Dub facts:
    • His American actor, Jared Kozak, also has Down syndrome.
    • His Polish name is Kajetan.
    • His second Polish voice actor also voices Rusty Spokes.


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