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"Store Wars with the Casagrandes" is the eighth episode of the Season 4 of The Loud House. It is the thirteenth television appearance of The Casagrande Family.


When a fancy grocery store opens on the block, Bobby rallies the family to do everything they can to compete.


While working in the Mercado, Bobby is informed by Ronnie Anne that the new business across the street is about to open it doors. However, to Bobby's disappointment, the new business happens to be a new grocery store called Hi 'N' Buy and it turns out that its quantities greatly outnumber the mercado's. Bobby is even more disappointed when he sees some of the Mercado's most frequent shoppers like Vito and Mrs. Kernicky. This prompts Bobby to hold a family meeting, where he says that due to the success of Hi 'N' Buy, the Mercado could be on the verge of shutting down. Not wanting the mercado to close, the family decides to help in any way they could.

Bobby put his plan in saving the Mercado into action. He instructs his family to make each shopper's visit as memorable as possible, like CJ helping the customers grab items, Rosa making free samples, Hector acting as self checkout, Carl doing deliveries etc. When the end of the day comes, the family is pleased that they managed to keep business afloat. As Bobby starts to close up the shop, they discover Vito and Mr. and Mrs. Chang heading to Hi 'N' Buy, as it turns out that the store stays open all night. Fearing that this could get in the way of business, Bobby wakes his sleeping family and encourages them to help run the store at night. The family members state that regardless of how tired they are, they'll try to help. As the hours pass by, the family members get progressively sleepy, causing discomfort for the customers, such as CJ being unable to grab items, Hector being unable to read the item names correctly, and Ronnie Anne accidentally handing Rosa salt instead of sugar while making churros. When the customers decide to leave after getting annoyed with the family's clumsiness, the family tells Bobby that at least he tried to help.

As Bobby closes the shop, Par, the delivery man, arrives with some fruit and when he comments that the Mercado is the only place that sells his favorite brand of hair wax, this gives Bobby an idea. The next day, Bobby realizes that there is a way that the Mercado can stay open: they know their customers very well, and as long as they continue selling on what everybody wants, they can keep business running.


Mrs. Kernicky has no lines in the episode.

Running Gags

  • Bobby and Ronnie Anne distraught that the mercado's customers are shopping at Hi 'N' Buy.
  • The Casagrandes making major improvements to the mercado's business.
  • The Casagrandes making mistakes due to lack of sleep and the customers getting annoyed as a result.


  • This episode reveals that Maria's first job was working in the Mercado.
  • According to Bobby, the reason why he had so many jobs when he lived in Royal Woods was because every business he worked with would get shut down by a bigger business.



  • Store Wars - The title of this episode is a pun of the popular science fiction film series Star Wars.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - The show also had an episode with the same title.

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