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The Casagrandes (originally titled Los Casagrandes) is a spin-off series of The Loud House focusing on the Casagrande Family, which was confirmed by Nickelodeon on March 6, 2018. The series premiered on October 14, 2019.[1]


Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago adjust to their new life in the city, where they now live with their big, loving and chaotic multi-generational family, the Casagrandes. In the series, Ronnie Anne makes new friends, builds stronger bonds with her relatives, and explores the endless possibilities the city life has to offer. Bobby helps Grandpa Hector run the family's corner store, and becomes familiar with the neighborhood’s quirky characters.


Main Characters

The Casagrande Family


Ronnie Anne and the Casagrande Family.

  • Ronnie Anne Santiago (voiced by Izabella Alvarez) - At age 11, Ronnie Anne is the cousin, niece, and granddaughter of the Casagrandes. Ronnie Anne is a tomboy who doesn't mess around with "girly stuff".
  • Bobby Santiago (voiced by Carlos PenaVega) - At age 17, Bobby is a jack of all trades, having had to juggle multiple jobs at the same time. Bobby is shown to be calm and compassionate, but sometimes a little too absentminded.
  • Maria Santiago (voiced by Sumalee Montano) - At age 43, Maria is a nurse and the mother of the Santiagos.
  • Rosa Casagrande (voiced by Sonia Manzano) - At age 63, Rosa is a caring grandmother and mother who is always reliable for making a meal, but never a snack.
  • Hector Casagrande (voiced by Ruben Garfias) - At age 66, Hector is the owner of the downstairs bodega and the household gossiper.
  • Carlos Casagrande (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - At age 45, Carlos is the father of the Casagrande siblings, the son of Rosa and Hector, the husband of Frida Puga, and the brother of Maria Santiago. He loves reading books and sharing the knowledge he gathered from them.
  • Frida Puga Casagrande (voiced by Roxana Ortega) - At age 42, Frida Puga is the mother of the Casagrande siblings, the wife of Carlos, the daughter-in-law of Rosa and the sister-in-law of Maria Santiago. She is an avid photographer.
  • Carlota Casagrande (voiced by Alexa PenaVega) - At age 17, Carlota is the oldest child and only daughter of the Frida Puga and Carlos and a fashion-loving girl. She can be seen shouting at Carlitos for using her cosmetics.
  • CJ Casagrande (voiced by Jared Kozak) - At age 13, CJ is the oldest son of the Casagrandes. CJ also has a genetic disorder called Down syndrome. He is a lover of playing pirate and an incredibly sweet boy.
  • Carl Casagrande (voiced by Alex Cazares) - At age 8, Carlino is the smooth talking son of Frida Puga and Carlos.
  • Carlitos Casagrande (voiced by Roxana Ortega) - At age 1, Carlitos is the youngest child of Frida Puga and Carlos. Carlitos can be seen imitating his various family members.
  • Sergio (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - The obnoxious, wise-cracking pet parrot of the Casagrande family, who has a bad habit of repeating people's secrets and confidential information to people around the house.
  • Lalo (voice by Dee Bradley Baker) - The pudgy, joyful pet dog of the Casagrande family, who likes to express his love for everyone by licking their faces.

Supporting Characters

The Chang Family

Extended Santiago/Casagrandae Family

  • Arturo Santiago (voiced by Eugenio Derbez) - Ronnie Anne and Bobby's father and Maria's ex-husband; who is a doctor working in Peru. Eventually, he gets a job in Great Lakes City. He is a gardener.

Apartment Neighbors

Great Lakes City

  • Casey (voiced by Christian Simon) - The cool friend of Ronnie Anne's.
  • Sameer (voiced by Makana Say) - A friend of Ronnie Anne's, who comes from Kansas.
  • Nikki (voiced by Natalie Coughlin) - A tall, skateboarding girl, who is friends with Ronnie Anne.
  • Laird (voiced by Sean Kenin) - A dorky, clumsy, and unlucky student at Chavez Academy, who is constantly getting painfully hurt by everything around him.
  • Vito Filliponio (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - The gossipy best friend of Hector.
  • Maybelle (voiced by Telma Hopkins) - A bossy and nitpicky customer of the bodega, who places overwhelmingly tall and specific orders with her servers.
  • Bruno (voiced by Eric Bauza) - A hot-dog vendor.
  • Margarita (voiced by Krizia Bajos) - The hairstylist of the Casagrandes, who loves to make conversation, even it that means spreading gossip.
  • Dona (voiced by Alex Cazares) - A waitress at Pizza Pig.
  • Par (voiced by Sunil Malhotra) - The fun-loving and mildly heroic delivery boy for the bodega.
  • Pete (voiced by David Watterson) - A pimply nerdish guy who runs a pet shop and is a fan of Becca Chang.
  • Mr. Scully (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - The strict, but sympathetic landlord, who works as the boss of Rosa at her job managing the Casagrande Apartment.
  • Street Cats (voiced by N/A) - A dangerous group of feral alley cats, who are always going around the Great Lakes City, attacking people and destroying things.

Royal Woods


  • The production was first announced on March 6, 2018.
  • Season 4 of The Loud House previously featured a five episode story-arc leading into the series.
  • Ally Brooke performs The Casagrandes' theme song.




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