General Rules

Wiki-wide chat guidelines

TLH Rules

  • If a chat mod tells you to stop doing something or move on to another topic, don't argue with them.
  • Swearing is allowed, but should be kept to a minimum. No major swears are allowed.
  • Only the English language is accepted in chat.
  • Do not spam or flood chat.
  • Do not bring your personal life issues into chat. This makes some users very uncomfortable. You can try talking to someone about it in PM's if they are okay with it.
  • Do not bring up disturbing or gruesome topics. This includes, but is not limited to, saying that you want to kill yourself. Doing so will immediately have you kicked from chat.
  • No obscene gestures, such as the middle finger.
  • If you are banned, do not bypass your ban on another account. This will result in the ban getting extended.
  • No politics. Politics cause too much drama in chat.
  • No advertising.

Behavior rules

  • Do NOT discriminate or harass somebody in any way. Doing so could get you banned.
  • No private message harassment. Doing so will lead to a ban.
  • No flame wars or disputing against other users. A friendly debate is fine, but it shouldn't get out of hand.
  • Do not act like a mod if you are not one yourself (also known as minimodding).
  • Do not repeatedly ask for personal information from a user if they do not want to give it out.
  • If users wish to argue, take it to PM, or be kicked out of chat.
  • Do not sociologically harass other users. This includes targeting someone based on their intelligence, grammar, or spelling.

Posting links

Links are allowed in chat as long as the don't break any of the following rules.

  • Do not link anything NSFW related.
  • Do not link something extremely loud without warning.
  • Do not link porn/hentai in chat (Linking it to someone in pms is allowed as long as they are fine with it).
  • Do not link spyware, malware, adware, viruses, or any other computer threats.

Role playing

  • The role play must be appropriate.
  • All users can be included if they would like to be. No one is obligated to participate.
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