Vito Filliponio is a minor character in The Loud House. He made his first appearance in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".


Vito is a round and short elderly man. He has light gray hair, thick eyebrows and a very thin black mustache. He wears a cream colored shirt, light brown suit, light gray trousers, brown shoes and red suspenders.


Vito likes spreading gossips and he's one of Hector's best informers. He claims to be a loyal customer of Hector's bodega, but he also shops in other stores too.


Pre-The Casagrandes

Season 1


  • His Polish voice actor also voices Mr. Scully.
  • In Season 4 of The Loud House, his Polish name is Wacław Filipski.
  • It’s often implied he was a gangster in his youth.

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